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"When you are practicing, do not just do that for the sake of doing. Learn to reflect while you are practicing. Make your mind and brain observe and relearn what you are doing. Doing is mechanical; learning is dynamic." ~ B.K.S. Iyengar



* Open to teachers at all levels, provide continuing education and community building.

*Stability in maintaining a yoga practice at each individual's level.

*How to incorporate the yoga lifestyle and bring this philosophy to life.

*Open classroom environment facilitates learning and promotes depth in study.

*Group study, "hands-on" tools to practice the art of teaching and take home to apply.

*Strong emphasis on developing skills in observation, corrections & adjustments.

*Therapeutic approach to yoga to access healing is explored and applied.

*Includes Iyengar teacher training for Junior and Senior levels.

*Commitment- Weekends or "mid-week" intensive at the IYE Center

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