* Open to teachers at all levels, provide continuing education and community building.

*Stability in maintaining a yoga practice at each individual's level.

*How to incorporate the yoga lifestyle and bring this philosophy to life.

*Open classroom environment facilitates learning and promotes depth in study.

*Group study, "hands-on" tools to practice the art of teaching and take home to apply.

*Strong emphasis on developing skills in observation, corrections & adjustments.

*Therapeutic approach to yoga to access healing is explored and applied.

*Includes Iyengar teacher training for Junior and Senior levels.

*Commitment- Weekends or "mid-week" intensive at the IYE Center



Yoga Apprenticeship/Mentorship

Requires regular attendance at the Center’s classes. Ongoing guidance given. Bi-monthly meetings. Requires participation in teacher training program or ongoing trainings throughout the year. 

For IYNAUS Certification Mentorship/ Recommendations, inform the teacher of intent by October the year prior to assessment.

Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics Mentorship/Apprenticeship

Requires regular attendance at Center classes with Carolyn and Therapeutics class. Monthly meetings. Provides dynamic hands-on  training in the methodology of Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics.

Yoga Training for Youth

"200-hour" Yoga training program offered while attending school. For ages 14 -18. Includes weekly class attendance, mentor/apprenticeship meetings, and day-long meets. Contact the Center for more information or to participate in this program.

Teacher Training at

Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona

Intensive single-day Iyengar teacher training sessions designed to guide students and teachers on a steady path of practicing and teaching yoga . Incorporates elements from above programs. Contact Carlyn Sikes for more information.