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Yoga Release & Recharge During Covid-19

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hats off to humanity at this evolutionary moment. We believe the math and are staying contained for the betterment of our sisters and brothers. Yes, deep inside there is the abhinivesha component, that is self preservation and the fear of our own death. But most of us do not believe we will get it. Instead we keep our distance due to the angels of our better nature, to truly live the sutra heyam duhkham anagatam, that is, one is to avoid that which can be avoidable.

There are moments when we are feeling sudden fatigue, or an incredible urge to sigh, then scream. We are all aware of how many are suffering and at the same time we crave to compassionately be together. A forced curb of our desires brings frustration. For our own well being and that of others we can find release. May it be prayer, exercise, writing letters or chatting to loved ones, all help to unfurl the emotions. And as we know, there is yoga. The practice of which swerves us from the me-ness of this situation. The release and recharge yoga brings about physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally, and spiritually is palpable now. Enhanced effects come with a combination of the intensity of practice, tapas and grace. The yoga home practice experience of many has been enhanced through personal efforts. Many have also joined in on our on-line live stream yoga classes.

We are sure we can share this incredible practice with more, at least a taste of it.

Here are some simple exercises that can be practiced throughout the day to remove stiffness from sitting and to help keep one open. They can be done easily by anyone. Feel free to share them safely with your friends and family . A special thanks to Joanna Haszek and her quarantined family for photos!

Stand in front of a chair or countertop then walk back.

Move thighs back and extend the trunk forward thru the arms.

Walk around the house with arms behind your back and lift the chest. Roll the arms from inside out. Change the interlocking of the fingers, and walk some more.

Sit sideways on the chair, lift the trunk of your body and turn.

Shoulders stay down, turn the head last.

Bend forward, feet to the outside of the chair wide, arms under the chair.

Be sure to interlock fingers both ways.


Here are some simple poses that can be practiced any time of the day even after eating to recharge the bio batteries and remove fatigue. You can do one or all.

Legs up the wall active feet for a few seconds then release. Several times for 3-5 minutes.

Be sure to change the crossing of the legs.

Press feet on the wall and release hips.

If you do not have these props roll blankets and use a wall for the feet.

Prop the legs and head. 3-5 minutes.

Let go of the whole body and mind in the now. Rest the legs on the chair at 90 degrees or with a roll under the knees. Have support for the head. After 5-10 minutes, come out slowly. First turn to the side for a minute and then come up with the head last.

For those of you who have an established yoga practice, it’s important at this time to include Setu Bandha Sarvangasana and Viparita Karani in your practice along with inversions.

More to come.

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1 Comment

You touched my heart expressing what we are feeling. The on line classes are saving me. I so miss my community of yoga practitioners. Love to you all!

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